Google Assistant: Been Pwned

Matt Carroll Mar 18, 2018

Here is my latest action for the Google Assistant: Been Pwned. To try it out just say/type “Talk to Been Pwned” (pronounced “owned” with a “p” in front) to any Google Assistant device. I used Troy Hunt’s excellent Have I Been Pwned v2 API to tell you if your email or website was compromised in a data breach. Check out the code on Github.

Some findings:

  • Google Speech recognition is surprisingly good at parsing spoken email addresses
  • Have I been Pwned’s API is excellent and well thought out (you can try out API calls in a browser)
  • This was all written within Dialogflow using Dialogflow’s in-browser/console editor!
  • The Google Assistant spoke the action name as “Been P-W-N-E-D”, spelling out “pwned” until I changed the spoken name to “been powned” (I kept the display name as “Been Pwned”)